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Cellular Genetic Algorithms
E. Alba, B. Dorronsoro
Series: Operations Research/Computer Science
Vol. 42
250 p.
ISBN: 978-0-387-77609-5
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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction

  1. Introduction to Cellular Genetic Algorithms
  2. The State of the Art in Cellular Evolutionary Algorithms

Part II. Characterizing Cellular Genetic Algorithms

  1. On the Effects of Structuring the Population
  2. Some Theory: A Selection Pressure Study on cGAs

Part III. Algorithmic Models and Extensions

  1. Algorithmic and Experimental Design
  2. Design of Self-adaptive cGAs
  3. Design of Cellular Memetic Algorithms
  4. Design of Parallel Cellular Genetic Algorithms
  5. Designing Cellular Genetic Algorithms for Multi-objective Optimization
  6. Other Cellular Models
  7. Software for cGAs: The JCell Framework

Part IV. Applications of cGAs

  1. Continuous Optimization
  2. Logistics: The Vehicle Routing Problem
  3. Telecommunications: Optimization of the Broadcasting Process in MANETs
  4. Bioinformatics: The DNA Fragment Assembly Problem

Part V. Appendix

A. Definition of the Benchmark Problems